Tuesday, 27 October 2015

NYX Galore | Haul

Boots have stocked NYX!! But only online which I can put up with! Just means more time in my super comfy pajamas on my sofa whilst getting my daily PLL fix (probably my 3rd or 4th time watching it over! I watch it over in between seasons, anyone else?) and online shopping at the same time! Who wouldn't?
Ok so, I couldn't buy too much mainly because I had already stocked up on my make-up a couple days before hand so I didn't want to spend too much! The inner sensible me but then my head says buy! BUY MORE GIRL!!

There will be some reviews coming soon I promise!!

 I purchased the NYX Gotcha covered Concealer in the lightest shade because for starters me = pale and also obviously with it being online I can't swatch! I figured this was a safe option!

And also the NYX Makeup setting spray - dewy finish/longlasting.  There is also a Matte setting spray if you'd prefer that!

 Let me know some of your favourite NYX products and I'll check them out!!

Love, Amy

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